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Specified Commercial Transactions Act Details

1. Name of business operator
Curvegrid Inc.

2. Name of representative
Jeffrey Wentworth

3. Address
Ginza Itchome Building 7F, Ginza 1-15-4, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

4. Telephone number
+81(country code)-3-5524-3870 (we do not accept inquiries by phone)‬

5. Email address

6. Sale prices of products/consideration for services
Prices displayed on the purchase page for the services.

7. Expenses other than prices
In accordance with the stipulations of the Terms of Use, payment of a cancellation fee may be necessary.

Internet connectivity and other expenses related to transmission through electronic communication lines will be paid by the customer (the amount will be as stipulated by the business operator with whom the customer has a contract).

8. Timing of payment of prices
In accordance with the stipulations of the Terms of Use, settlement will be made in advance.

9. Payment methods
Customers may make payments for the services by credit card. Other payment methods may be possible with prior arrangement.

10. Timing of delivery of products or provision of services
After advance payment of the stipulated price by a customer has been confirmed, ordered services will be provided within seven (7) business days, delivered electronically over the Internet.

11. Special provisions concerning returns and cancellation
No refunds will be given for cancelled services through the end of the current billing period. The customer will be able to continue to use the services for duration of the billing period, unless the services were cancelled for a violation of the Terms and Conditions.